General Questions

How much does it cost?

Totally free!

Should I bring a team or find one there?

It's up to you! You can bring a team, create one there, or join an existing team there. It depends on what you hope to get out of this event. Just be honest with people about your skills and commitment level when joining.

Can I work alone?

Definitely! In a lot of cases it might even be easier, but you won't get as much out of it because you'll have more responsibilities and won't improve your ability to work effectively with others.

Will this Game Jam have a theme?

Of course! To prevent teams from starting before the kickoff everyone's games should be developed with the theme in mind. It will be posted prominently on the site shortly after the event begins on June 30th.

I'm not from St. Louis, but this sounds really great! Can I participate?

Yes! We are planning on streaming the kickoff beginning at or around 7:00PM CST at http://twitch.tv/stlgamedev. You and your team can find the theme there or posted on the website after the event. Make a game, then send a message through the form at http://stlgamedev.com/contact/ and let someone know to get in touch with you about presenting. You'll probably have to demo over twitch.

I heard about this event weeks after the kickoff. Can I still participate?

If you can make a game that meets the theme by August 1st you can participate.

Will I feel safe participating in the Game Dev Duel?

The events are run by the Game Dev Co-op and are covered under the Code of Conduct posted at http://stlgamedev.com/events/code-of-conduct/. For meeting with your team outside of events please use common sense. Always meet in public places and make sure a loved one knows where you are.


What is slack?

Slack is highly collaborative communication software. It's basically a message board where teams can talk to each other and share files. We're using the free version and old messages will be deleted, so please don't put anything in slack that you're expecting to go back to near the end of the jam.

How do I access slack?

Through the Web at http://stlgamedev.slack.com, through the mobile app at the stlgamedev channel, or through the desktop app. You can even set up multiple accounts.

How do I get a slack account?

Fill out the form at http://stlgamedev.com/contact/ and you should get an invite within 24 hours.

Can I still access Slack after the event?

The slack accounts will be shut off after the event unless you become a paid member of the St. Louis Game Dev Co-op. For more information see http://www.stlgamedev.com. Membership rates are very reasonable and the money goes toward putting on more events like these. It's a win/win!

Why is this a stlgamedev slack team instead of a gamedevduel slack team?

An stlgamedev slack team already exists and has a small but active community. We figured this event would give participants the opportunity to be a part of this community for a short while and see if they want to stick around.


How do I log achievements?

Post your team name and the achievement name in http://stlgamedev.slack.com/messages/gdd_achievements/. Achievements will take up to 24 hours to appear on the site.

How many achievements are there?

There are 50 achievements in total. 20 will be available from the start and 10 more will be added on July 8th, 15th, and 22nd.

This seems like a hassle. Do I need to get achievements?

No! Achievements are totally optional, but are designed to help you follow some best practices and get involved with the community. They're good and good for you!

What do I get for getting the achievements?

Mostly bragging rights, but there might be something cool for the team with the most achievements if we can get a sponsor. Fill out the form at http://stlgamedev.com/contact/ if you'd like to sponsor a small prize!

I didn't bother to check the achievements and I missed one that needed to be done by a certain date. Can I still do it?

No, but don't stress about it.